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Cecil County Republican Central Committee website

Welcome to the Republican Central Committee of Cecil County Web Site. Through this site you can get information on Republican news and events in Cecil County, find out about the Central Committee and the Republican Clubs in the County, volunteer, make contributions, and much more.

 The Cecil County Republican Central Committee holds regular meetings* each month and is not open to the public due to its proprietary nature.  If you have any questions, contact the Chairman of the Central Committee.

Vincent Sammons - Chairman
Matt Beers - Vice Chairman
Kevin Emmerich - Treasurer
Bob Gatchel - Secretary
Cindy Emmerich
Russ Johnson
Kathie Kennedy
Sandra Ward
Anthony Yetzer

* Central Committee meetings are not held to the same standards as elected public officials. We are elected by our party to carry on the Republican business for our republican constituents. We do not make nor enact any laws that affect the public at large and are a private entity that is self-governed by party rules created by the MDGOP which consists of all of the central committee members across the entire state as well as county based bylaws that help guide our central committee that are managed by the active county members. As you can image, we hold a lot of information as proprietary as we do not want the Democrat party or special interests to leverage it against us as it has been done in the past. 

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SB-1 is currently sitting in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. If passed into law, the bill will make it virtually impossible for a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm in Maryland even with a permit.
Alan McCarthy, Joyce Bowlsbey, and Bill Coutz were disqualified from taking office for their violation of the bylaws of the Republican Party of Maryland.
Cecil County Election Day Operations Hotline - - #ProtectTheVote