2023 BAD BILL - Removing all references to God in the Maryland Constitution
The Maryland legislators seek to remove references to God and removes protections for religious freedom. This Bill removes portions of articles 36, 37, and 39 from our Maryland Bill of Rights and removing all references to God in the Maryland Constitution.
Your tax dollars will pay for medicine and surgery to sterilize and change the gender of children. This radical new law codifies “gender affirming treatment,” but does not include mental health treatment. Parental notification is not required by this bill. Cosmetic surgery and fertility preservation for trans surgeries was included in the bill, however amendments to provide similar coverage to cancer patients was rejected. This law will take effect Oct. 1, 2023.
Cecil County Council District Map
This is the district map that reflects your county district for Cecil County Council. While the County Council seats are all voted on by the entire county, this map would show what District you are in if you should choose to run for office.
How the Cecil County Swamp Treats County Executive Danielle Hornberger the Same as Trump
Every word thrown against Hornberger then, and now, is spoken in the same way as Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and the social media trolls; saying that she is inexperienced, compromised, and incompetent just as they attacked President Trump. Ironically, some of these critics claimed to support Trump, desperate to deny the obvious parallels between themselves and the Democrats.
Don’t Get Distracted, Democrats Have A Lot Planned for the 2021 Legislative Session
Tax increases, de-funding the police, and decreasing election security, oh my! The Democrats in Annapolis are pursuing the trifecta of controversial, damaging policy this year, and a lot of people won’t even notice.
What is the Cecil County Republican Central Committee?
The Central Committee is the primary political center during election season and leads the counties efforts in campaigning, fundraising, and organizing for Republican candidates for office.
A library is a place to access knowledge, not an overdesigned playground for teenagers and college students
Here in Ceil County, a prime example of misspent tax dollars would be the new library in North East. News sources like the Cecil Whig boast a 43,000 square foot building with a vast collection of tomes, a sound booth and media lab that is being built on a whopping $18,000,000.00 budget.