Booth Street Shakedown

Sunday, January 28, 2024

fake news

The Cecil County Republican Central Committee writes to express our frustration at the regrettable actions of the CCPS Superintendent, Jeffrey Lawson. It is disheartening to witness the highest paid public official in our county resorting to manipulative practices and extortionary tactics in an attempt to apply public pressure to influence the budgetary process. Cecil County taxpayers provide Dr. Lawson with an annual salary of nearly a quarter of a million dollars. And in return he provides Cecil County residents, which he is not, with declining enrollment, abysmal proficiency levels, and now a steady stream of propaganda.

The recent use of hypothetical staffing and program reductions in a slideshow have made their rounds on social media. These numbers, which are a far cry from reality or what is being seriously considered by the school administration, are meant to inflame public perception rather than establish an honest dialogue about fund allocation. Deception and deceit should have no place in the administration of our schools.

Further, it is troubling to note that despite the decline in enrollment and performance of our school system, the cost the county taxpayer is paying per pupil is increasing. It is totally reasonable, and expected, for Cecil County to question the use of taxpayer-provided funds allocated to the school system.  It is despicable for the administration to use the job security of our teachers and the educational environment of our children as a ploy in their response. The focus should be on constructive solutions that benefit our community, rather than resorting to tactics that erode public trust and hinder progress.

The public school system is being held accountable and being asked to operate within the parameters they themselves have asked for. They are being funded at the level required by the Maryland Blueprint Legislation passed in 2021, which Dr. Lawson, the Board of Education, and the teachers union heavily lobbied for.  When the Blueprint was passed our legislators told us this funding model would create a world-class education system. The Cecil County funding share gives them everything required, according to their own words, to create that world-class education system they promised. 

Dr. Lawson has failed to operate within the more than $250,000,000.00 budget allocated for Cecil County Public Schools. His inflated salary does not align with the results our schools are producing. Cecil County is home to phenomenal educators, amazing parents, and eager students. The mismanagement of our talent and our resources is a theft being perpetrated on our students and our community. This is bureaucratic larceny, and Dr. Lawson must be held to account.

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