Hogan Fellowship Opportunity 2017 - 2018

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2017-2018 Fellowship Program

Hogan Fellowship Opportunity

Gain professional experience with a political campaign

The Hogan Campaign is offering fellowship opportunities to politically active students and graduates who would like the chance to take part in Maryland’s high energy 2018 election cycle.  Participants will learn and experience hands on the essential tasks of a professional political campaign.  They will have the opportunity to network within the Maryland political community and receive a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of the program.

Hours are flexible and schedules are adjustable to accommodate school, work and family obligations.

Election activities in Maryland here will be in the national spotlight in 2018.  You have the unique opportunity to take part in it, so don’t miss this opportunity to learn about politics, meet influential people, and make a difference on the Governor’s campaign. 

The ideal candidate: 

  • Has a passion for making a difference in their community
  • Wants to work on a winning Governor’s race
  • Is a hard worker, willing to exceed goals and deadlines

Contact Cory Dennis at 443-717-1401 or cory@larryhogan.com to apply for the fellowship.

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