Statement of Support for Renee Dixon - Cecil County School Board

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Renee Dixon - Cecil County School Board

Recently the CCPS Board of Education published a statement disavowing a FB post by fellow board member Renee Dixon, posted on her personal FB page, completely separate from her official capacity as an elected Board of Education member.  The Board statement characterized Ms Dixon's post as "offensive."

The Cecil County Republican Central Committee would like to express their unwavering support for Renee Dixon, a dedicated member of the Cecil County School Board, and to defend her right to express her sincerely held religious views regarding homosexuality. In today's society, where freedom of speech is routinely attacked, it is essential that we uphold the principles of tolerance and respect for differing opinions.

Renee Dixon, like any other individual, has the right to hold and express her religious beliefs without fear of persecution or retribution. Freedom of religion is a fundamental cornerstone of our society, ensuring that all citizens can practice and express their faith freely. By sharing her religious views, Renee Dixon is simply exercising this cherished right that God grants, and our Constitution protects.

The Cecil County Republican Central Committee emphatically rejects the intolerance and exclusion of fundamental religious views both in the classroom and on the School Board. Too often those who hold conservative values are forced to remain silent or face baseless attacks with labels of bigotry and prejudice.

As an elected representative on the Cecil County School Board, Ms. Dixon has an obligation to represent the views of the voters who entrusted her with their voice. While it is true that school board members have a responsibility to consider the best interests of all students, it is equally important to acknowledge the perspectives of the parents and community she serves. By expressing her beliefs, Ms. Dixon is voicing the views of a significant portion of the county who feel their values have been overlooked and their voices silenced.

Our educational system is a place where dialogue should be encouraged, and debate should flourish. We call on the School Board to set an example for the students, families, and community by respecting the freedom of Renee Dixon to express her views. It is imperative that we foster an environment where individuals can express their beliefs openly and respectfully. Suppressing or silencing differing viewpoints is not conducive to an educational setting, or a free society.

Cecil County Republican Central Committee Members

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