The Cecil GOP is looking for 5 republicans for Redistricting Commission

Friday, February 12, 2021

Cecil County DIstrict Map

The Cecil GOP will need to find 5 republicans to sit on the Cecil County’ redistricting commission. One in each of our county districts.

If you have interest please email us your name, address, phone number. Email


214.  Redistricting

 (a) The Council shall appoint by resolution a Redistricting Commission not later than April 1 of the year following each decennial census date.  The central committee of each political party polling at least twenty-five percent of the total vote cast for the Executive at the last preceding general election shall nominate five persons to serve on the Commission.  Each such list shall include one person who resides in each residency district.  The Council shall appoint all such nominees as members of the Commission as well as one or two additional members of the Commission, as the case may be, to ensure that its total membership equals an odd number. The Council shall appoint the Chair of the Commission from among the Commission members.  No person shall be eligible for appointment to the Commission who holds elective office.

 (b) By November 15 of the year before the year in which redistricting is to take effect, the Commission shall present to the Council a plan of residency districts, together with a report explaining it. Within thirty days of receiving the plan of the Commission, the Council shall hold a public hearing on the plan.  If within ninety days after submission of the plan no other legislation reestablishing the boundaries of the residency districts has been enacted, the plan as submitted shall become law.

 (c) Any residency district established in accordance with this section shall be compact, contiguous, substantially equal in population, and have common interests as a result of geography, occupation, history, or existing political boundaries.

 (d) An ordinance establishing residency districts shall be exempt from referendum.

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