Welcome Harold McCanick to our committee

Monday, January 11, 2021

Harold McCanick

We would like to welcome Harold McCanick as the newest member of the Republican Central Committee. Harold has been a long-time advocate of conservative causes and candidates in Cecil County.

As of December 21st of 2020, we have had a vacant seat for longer than 90 days after the resignation of Ted Kolodzey, who left to spend more time with his family. Between COVID, the election, and the holidays, the seat was left unfilled.

After 90 days pass with a vacancy, the MD GOP Chairman has the option to fill this seat if it is requested by the Central Committee's chairman.

Harold McCanick was tapped for this position after consideration of his past aid to Republican candidates, and prior interest and attempts to join the committee that did not work out.

When asked, Harold happily accepted the opportunity for this appointment. Harold was sworn in as our 9th member of the committee on January 11th.

We look forward to working with him.


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