What is the Cecil County Republican Central Committee?

For many, a Republican Central Committee is nothing more than the office you might be largely unfamiliar with at the very bottom of your primary ballot. However, for Republicans, your committee is integral to the function of your party. An understanding of this committee is key for those who want to be involved in county and state Republican politics.


The Central Committee is the primary political center during election season and leads the county's efforts in campaigning, fundraising, and organizing for Republican candidates for office. While Cecil County has a variety of great Republican clubs and organizations, the Central Committee is governed by duty to the Republican party and its candidates, rather than to an agenda. Additionally, the Cecil County Republican Central Committee is the only organization with the power granted by the Maryland State GOP and is a part of the much larger State Central Committee.

The Maryland State Central Committee for each major party is enabled in Maryland's statutes. Each political party in Maryland functions under its own constitution and bylaws and is governed by a State Central Committee. Section 13 of Article III of the Maryland Constitution states that, in the case of a vacancy in the office of Delegate or Senator, the Central Committee of the political party that has the vacancy shall submit the name of a replacement to the governor within 30 days of the vacancy. Thus, each of the major parties has a Central Committee to perform this, as well as additional functions.

Members of your Cecil County Republican Central Committee are elected every four years, in the same cycle as elections for Governor. 

To follow and get involved in the committee’s efforts to grow the Republican Party in Cecil County and elect Republicans to office you can check out the official Cecil GOP website at CecilGOP.org and Facebook page @CecilCountyGOP.

Cecil County Republican Central Committee

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