Stunningly Successful Lincoln Day Dinner

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

David Bossie speaking at the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner

On September 14th, 2021, the Republican Central Committee of Cecil County hosted a stunningly successful Lincoln Day Dinner at The Wellwood Restaurant in North East, MD. The event featured Republican National Committeeman David Bossie, Congressman Andy Harris, County Executive Danielle Hornberger, and many other State, County, and Local officials. The night started with a warm reception of good music and great conversation. Guests were welcomed and registered by Central Committee member Cindy Emmerich and Central Committee Treasurer Kevin Emmerich, before walking into the beautiful event space and dining area.

Before beginning the three-course meal, the invocation was given by State Senator Jason Gallion, and guests were led in the Pledge of Allegiance by Vincent Sammons. As the meal progressed the full size of the crowd came into view. In addition to elected officials and party officers, the crowd was comprised of many guests from across the state. It was remarked that even the number of Cecil County attendees was bigger than years prior. County attendance, along with visiting guests demonstrate the success of this year’s event, as well as the strength of the Republican Party going into the 2022 election cycle.

After a delicious dinner, guests were addressed by National Committeeman David Bossie, who recounted Republican accomplishments over the last year and focused the audience on the list of Republican priorities leading up to the midterm elections. Upon concluding, Bossie had the honor of picking the tickets to select the two winners of this year’s highly anticipated Gun Raffle. All 1500 tickets were sold, making this not only the first year the raffle was sold out, but also the most competitive drawing as a result.

Once the Gun Raffle winners were chosen, Central Committee Chairwoman Kathie Kennedy announced the main award of the night, the Cecil County Republican of the Year Award. This year the award went to County Activist Harold McCanick, who exemplified the principles of the party by advocating for government accountability, transparency, and honesty by all officials, but especially at the local level. Harold’s uncompromising integrity resulted in an award well-deserved, and well-earned.

Congressman Andy Harris was the final speaker of the night, who gave an update on the salient issues to Cecil County Republicans at the federal level. His speech centered on the three issues that Republicans will be running on to take back control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. He then took questions from members of the audience and stayed after the event to further discuss and speak with his constituents.

It was a night of friends and fellowship that brought conservatives in the county and across the state closer together. After a year and a half of isolation it was a great event that reminded everyone in attendance what it is they stand for, and what they must do to move the party forward.

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