An article published in the Cecil Whig has falsely claimed that Renee Dixon was a member of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee, and inferred that was the nature of our support for her right to free expression. This mischaracterization by the Cecil Whig is concerning and undermines the accuracy and credibility of their reporting. The Cecil County Republican Central Committee would like to clarify that Renee Dixon is not and has never been a member of our committee.
The Cecil County Republican Central Committee would like to express their unwavering support for Renee Dixon, a dedicated member of the Cecil County School Board, and to defend her right to express her sincerely held religious views regarding homosexuality. In today's society, where freedom of speech is routinely attacked, it is essential that we uphold the principles of tolerance and respect for differing opinions.
Modification of By-Laws -Wednesday, May 10, 2023
The Cecil County Republican Central Committee plans on modifying our bylaws in ensure we have qualified and ethical "Republicans" to participate on the Central Committee to represent the republicans in Cecil County.
SB-1 is currently sitting in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. If passed into law, the bill will make it virtually impossible for a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm in Maryland even with a permit.
Alan McCarthy, Joyce Bowlsbey, and Bill Coutz were disqualified from taking office for their violation of the bylaws of the Republican Party of Maryland.
Cecil County Election Day Operations Hotline - - #ProtectTheVote
The Cecil County Republican Central Committee has endorsed Russ Johnson, Renee Dixon, and Justin Vest for the Cecil County School Board. While this is a ‘non-partisan” race, each member indeed has a political affiliation that guides them with them decision making on our school policies.
Cecil County Primary Election drop box information, candidates that are running, and dates and times.
Two meetings into the redistricting process and Carl Roberts is behaving exactly how concerned citizens feared he would. Not only has he lost his temper, shouted down commission members, and been the deciding vote in ruling out the only maps offered by another member of the commission, but he is also using his post to stall, convolute, and steer the redistricting process. The Redistricting Plan must be presented to the Council no later than November 15th. Due to a Council created crisis, the Redistricting Commission was not formed until only a few weeks ago, leaving little time for the important redistricting process to play out. Not only has the Council handcuffed the ability of the redistricting commission to be thorough and independent, but they have also placed their puppet in the driver’s seat.
Per the language of the Cecil County Charter, the responsibility for filling this vacancy falls to the Cecil County Republican Central Committee. We will be holding interviews before submitting a list of nominations to the County Council by 11/16/2021.
The Chairwoman of the Republican Central Committee of Cecil County, Kathie Kennedy, filed a complaint with the Open Meetings Compliance Board on Friday September 17, 2021, against the Cecil County Council and Council President, Bob Meffley.
We had our annual Lincoln Dinner where we drew 2 winners of the Cecil GOP Gun Raffle.
Stunningly Successful Lincoln Day Dinner -Tuesday, September 14, 2021
On September 14th, 2021, the Republican Central Committee of Cecil County hosted a stunningly successful Lincoln Day Dinner at The Wellwood Restaurant in North East, MD.
On July 28th Senator Hershey, Delegate Jacobs and Delegate Ghrist officially filed for RE-ELECTION in 2022 to continue to represent District 36.
Cecil County, MD, May 27th, 2021 – Following the expected resignations from three members who were no longer active, or had conflicts of interest, the Cecil County Republican Central Committee is proud to announce that they have appointed two new members to the organization.
Cocktails at the Carriage House with Senator Jason Gallion (District 35 - Cecil & Harford) at The Carriage House of Port Deposit in Port Deposit, MD on May 12th, 2021
An Evening with Delegate Mike Griffith (District 35B - Cecil & Harford) With Special Guest: Kelly Schulz, MD Commerce Secretary and Candidate for Governor at the Maryland Golf and Country Club Bel Air, MD on May 11th, 2021
The Cecil County Board of Elections will conduct a manual audit of the 2020 Presidential General Election starting on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 9:00 AM. This audit may take more than one day to complete and will continue daily until finished.
The Cecil GOP will need to find 5 republicans to sit on the Cecil County’ redistricting commission. One in each of our county districts.
The Cecil County Republican Central Committee is in full support of Congressman Harris for his efforts in trying to resolve the election irregularities and urge all voters to reach out to Congressman Harris to show your support for him. We are fortunate to have this patriot representing us in the “swamp” of Washington DC.