It's Not a Crime Perception

Thursday, February 1, 2024


bill ferguson juv crime perception

Out-of-touch liberal Senate President Bill Ferguson says that Maryland does NOT have a serious juvenile crime problem, just a serious juvenile crime PERCEPTION problem.  

In the last year, since Maryland House and Senate Democrats passed their new juvenile criminal justice laws, our state has seen huge spikes in youth crime including robberies, assaults, a 63% increase in car thefts, and a 220% increase in youth handgun violations.

This is not a perception problem, it is a public safety crisis that is putting every Marylander in danger and enabling our state's most at-risk youth to go down a bad path.  

The House of Delegates and Senate need to pass the Juvenile Justice Restoration Act of 2024 and the rest of the Republican Caucus's Public Safety Agenda, but Democrat leadership will not even acknowledge the problem.

We need to do everything we can to spread the message to Senate President Ferguson to demand he get serious.

Call (410) 841-3600, or email , Senator Ferguson and let him know Juvenile crime is REAL in Maryland, not a perception, and ask him to pass the Juvenile Justice Restoration Act of 2024.


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